Motorists stay loyal to British marques

Jaguar E-typeNew research into car buying habits has revealed that of the 68% of consumers planning to buy a car in the next six months, over half will choose a British-made car over foreign alternatives.
Why? According to figures released by motoring website, half will buy British to bolster the economy, while more than a third (35%) will do so to support the country's heritage.

Almost a third (29%) of drivers already own a British brand car and consider British motors to be stylish. Unsurprisingly, the Jaguar E-type was voted as the most iconic British car while the original Mini Cooper came a close second.

Jon Quirk, Auto Trader's Editor-in-Chief, said: "We should be proud of our country's motoring heritage and it's not surprising that Brits are still loyal to home-grown brands – we've produced some of the most iconic and head-turning motors for decades."

Top 10 most iconic British cars

Top 10 most iconic British cars

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