Know your Christmas gift voucher rights

Most Christmas refunds should be straightforward. But if you buy a gift voucher from Morrisons, you may have problem: especially if it's an iTunes voucher.

When I tried to get a refund - armed with a receipt - just minutes after buying a £25 iTunes voucher, Morrisons turned the request down, citing company policy. Was Morrisons right?

iTunes mix-up

First of all, I don't normally buy stuff then immediately change my mind. But buying Christmas presents can be tricky. After paying for an £25 iTunes voucher on a credit card I'd realised I'd spent almost twice as much on one child than another (who had done perfectly well, gift-wise, from a £14 build-it-yourself rocket).

To make it easier for Morrisons, I said I'd be happy with a store credit note to the value of £25. "We don't do refunds at all on these vouchers," said the perfectly pleasant customiser service lady. "But here is my receipt," I said. "I've just purchased this voucher. It's completely undamaged."

Stand your ground

The receipt

Morrisons staff stuck to the their guns. A deputy manager turned up and, while I took a snap of the receipt on my 'phone, accused me of taking snaps of him: I could not take any photos in the store. It all started to get a bit ridiculous.

Another store manager, Mr Wesley Gibson, turned up. Mentioning I was a journalist who wrote consumer rights stories, the situation changed. Gibson smoothed things over, saying he would check on company policy. Meanwhile, a refund was organised.

We've checked with Morrisons head office. There's no clear answer yet. But if you're in a similar situation with any store vouchers, stick to your guns - provided the voucher is undamaged, you should be entitled to your money back. We've asked Which? to clarify the situation and will pin their response when we get it.

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