Which destination offers the best value for your pound abroad in 2014?


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Where can you get the best value for your pound abroad? Brits booking a bargain break should head for Bali - the cheapest of the many destinations where the pound has strengthened against local currencies, according to a Post Office Travel Money survey.

Holiday prices for visiting Britons have fallen in most resorts and cities in the survey of 44 destinations, with costs lower by more than 30% in some places.

Bali was rated the best-value destination where a basket of typical holiday items cost just £31 compared with £115 in Auckland in New Zealand - the most expensive destination surveyed.

After Bali, the Portuguese Algarve (£35 for the items) and Prague in the Czech Republic (£37) were the cheapest locations followed by Gambia (£38), Bulgaria (£38) and Spain's Costa del Sol (£39).

At the other end of the scale Auckland was the dearest destination, followed by Darwin in Australia (£113), Singapore (£108) and Beijing in China (£104).

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The survey showed that, although the pound was slightly weaker against the euro year on year, prices in the Portuguese Algarve have dipped 18%.

Prices in Spain, though, have risen for Britons but elsewhere cheaper tourist meals have made many resorts more affordable for holidaying Britons.

Eating out now costs less now than a year ago in 30 of the resorts or cities surveyed.

As well as in Portugal, prices have plunged in Turkey with costs in the resort of Marmaris falling by 19%.

For those travelling further afield, there are also good exchange rates in Vietnam and in South Africa.

Likely emerging countries for tourists are Burma, Qatar and the Philippines.

Paul Havenhand, head of travel at the Post Office, said: "Holidaymakers will be spoilt for choice this year with better value for money in most destinations worldwide.

"To cash in on this, UK tourists should do their homework before booking to find out where the pound is worth most and where resort costs are low."

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