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Did you win big in this month's Premium Bonds draw?

A man living in Hertfordshire was the lucky winner of the £1,000,000 jackpot this month. The winning bond (bond number: 212RK287483) was bought in October 2013. The owner had total holdings of £30,000.

Take a look at the rest of the big prize winning numbers from this month's draw to see if you were a winner.

Prize Value Winning Bond Number Total Value of Holding Area Date of Purchase
£100,000 10JP589142 £25,000 Berkshire Nov-92
£100,000 87VD018771 £30,000 Manchester Jul-02
£100,000 167FQ030247 £1,000 Hampshire and Isle of Wight Apr-10
£50,000 181XW169289 £6,625 Stockport Jun-11
£50,000 81PY499671 £30,000 Central Scotland Jun-05
£50,000 119NM946921 £30,000 Staffordshire Oct-06
£50,000 131PH045098 £30,000 Essex Sep-07
£50,000 180NN730715 £29,970 Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan May-11
£50,000 192QF281155 £30,000 Oxfordshire May-12
£25,000 148QQ806991 £30,000 Hampshire and Isle of Wight Dec-08
£25,000 207GR665453 £26,066 East Sussex Jun-13
£25,000 123XX171876 £30,000 Dorset Feb-07
£25,000 142ST822360 £30,000 Buckinghamshire Sep-08
£25,000 61QR096143 £19,425 Shropshire Feb-05
£25,000 209DJ968267 £14,735 Derbyshire Jul-13
£25,000 157NN424431 £15,726 Surrey Jun-09
£25,000 68DY280377 £30,000 Cambridgeshire Jul-03
£25,000 71VB480701 £4,630 Dorset May-00
£25,000 109TD139668 £25,102 Essex Apr-06
£25,000 73GK697948 £1,014 Hertfordshire Mar-99
£25,000 215NZ884834 £10,010 Bradford Dec-13
£25,000 119KG539818 £25,000 Inner London Oct-06

Information supplied by National Savings & Investments

Across the UK there are over 980,000 unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes worth more than £46 million. Hertfordshire is a particular hotspot with 21,000 prizes worth more than £923,000 unclaimed.

Premium Bonds customers can check the Premium Bonds prize checker on the NS&I website to see if they have won.

The annual Premium Bonds prize fund rate is currently 1.30% and the odds of each individual Bond number winning a prize are 26,000 to 1.

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