What your wine fridge and vinyl record collection say about you

Telltale signs of 'mass affluent' households?


If you have a home office, a range cooker, a children's playroom, a wine fridge, a walk-in wardrobe or a vinyl record collection, you could belong to a "mass affluent" household, according to an insurer.

LV= carried out research among 1,000 households with incomes of £57,000-plus to find the key signs around the house of affluence.

More than one in three (37%) people surveyed had a home office, while nearly one in five (18%) have vinyl collections.

One in seven (13%) have a children's playroom in the house while 11% have a walk-in wardrobe.

Collections of artwork were also popular indicators, as were under-floor heating, luxury paint and high-tech music systems.

LV= said increases in disposable income in recent decades have created a multitude of "mass affluent" home owners, many of whom have not considered the true worth of their possessions when it comes to insuring them.

Selwyn Fernandes, managing director of LV= home insurance, said: "It's important your policy limits reflect what you own."

Here are the top items or features in a house which indicate the owners are "mid-net-worth" households, according to the research from LV=, followed by the percentages of people surveyed who said they had these features in their home:

1. Home office, 37%

=2. Vinyl collections, 18%

=2. Limited edition art, 18%

=4. A children's playroom, 13%

=4. Music delivery system, for example Sonos, 13%

=4. Under-floor heating, 13%

=7. Nutrient extractor, such as a NutriBullet, 12%

=7. Wine fridge, 12%

9. Walk-in wardrobe, 11%

=10. High-end paint/wallpaper, such as Farrow and Ball, 10%

=10. Range cooker, such as an Aga or Rangemaster, 10%

And here are the top items that "mass affluent" home owners are impressed by or aspire to own, according to the research:

1. Grand piano

2. Games room

3. Walk-in wardrobe

4. Under-floor heating

5. Range cooker

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