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  • George Osborne has outlined his plans for a welfare cap - to limit the total spent on the welfare state in any parliament. But why?

  • George Osborne promised "a Budget for a resilient economy" as he prepared to make a pitch to ordinary working people

  • David Cameron has revealed that he will not be taking advantage of the new tax break for childcare, worth up to £2,000 per child each year

  • An extra year of austerity measures could be in prospect if official forecasts published next week show Britain's public finances are in even worse...

  • The Budget should be abolished to stop Chancellors introducing headline-grabbing changes at the expense of good economics, a free market think tank...

  • Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is planning to push for an increase in the starting threshold for income tax in the 2014 Budget

  • Chancellor George Osborne may have difficulty in making his Budget sums add up, a leading economic think-tank has warned.

  • With the Autumn Statement taking place this week, we look at what's likely to be announced and what it means for you and your money.

  • This year's Budget has been approved by MPs, as a senior Conservative said Chancellor George Osborne had made a "solemn pledge" to introduce tax breaks for married couples before the next general election.

  • George Osborne will mount an uncompromising defence of the coalition's controversial benefits shake-up, insisting Britain can no longer afford to reward people who do the "wrong thing".