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  • Fraud and error in benefit payments remains "unacceptably high" at £3.3 billion, according to a new report

  • Politicians and food banks argue about why people need help feeding their family - but what do people themselves say?

  • Increasing benefits for low income workers would be a cheaper and more effective way of helping struggling families than tax cuts floated by the...

  • A woman who claimed £140,000 in benefits by fraudulently saying she was wheelchair bound was caught after she was filmed water-skiing

  • An East London man was celebrating after winning £10,000 and a £53,000 Porsche. So why were his neighbours angry?

  • Government plans to make people wait longer to get unemployment benefits. This will have two dangerous impacts

  • Prime Minister David Cameron has defended plans to give the taxman new powers to seize money directly from the bank accounts of people who owe more...

  • The number of working people claiming housing benefit has risen by almost 60% since 2010, according to research commissioned by Labour

  • Jobseekers face temporary benefits bans if they refuse to take some forms of zero-hours contracts under the coalition Government's welfare reforms

  • New agreements on what jobseekers must do in return for benefits have been rolled out