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  • The Royal Mint has revealed the UK's rarest coin in general circulation: the Kew Gardens 50p, released in 2009

  • The pound set another four-year high against the US dollar today, cheering holidaymakers and shoppers

  • Alex Salmond should set out an alternative currency plan for an independent Scotland as "a matter of great urgency", Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said

  • Britain's three main political parties are set to deliver a warning to the voters of Scotland that they will not be able to keep the pound if they opt for independence

  • Lily Allen has confessed missing out on a fortune by turning down a gig for which she'd have been paid in Bitcoins

  • Stronger sterling is giving UK tourists up to 28% more spending money on holiday

  • More austerity worries caused aches in the mouth while Apple shares dipped under the $400 threshold. Was it a buying opportunity?

  • Bitcoins are generating a huge buzz at the moment. Is it a good idea to put your money into them? And how do you go about it?

  • In the past year the pound has outperformed the majority of major countries. Here is where it's been worth the most.

  • British skiers may not have to slope off so far to get the best-value winter sports holidays this season, according to a survey