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Home insurance

  • Video shows how rocks from a cliff face destroyed a building: the shocking power of the natural world

  • ‘Flood Re’, a scheme to help households at risk of flooding get affordable insurance, will exclude leasehold and rented properties

  • A rhino horn has been stolen in a break-in at the country mansion of Lord Of The Dance star Michael Flatley

  • A burglar who had three bones broken during a raid says he's a victim of the justice system. But burglary is a risky business

  • A teenage burglar left an apology note. It doesn't save him from time behind bars, but does it ever work?

  • The Environment Agency is facing a furious backlash as communities in the south west already hit by flooding were warned that more could be on the way

  • Ministers are reviewing laws to allow fracking to be carried out under homes without the permission of the owners, it has emerged

  • We reveal the top 20 places you're most likely to be burgled, why these areas are targeted, and how to protect yourself

  • Do you know when your car is most likely to be stolen - or when your kids are most likely to abuse your lap-top? Your insurer, most likely, has a very good idea indeed...

  • A 50ft tree which toppled on houses in a storm has still not been moved more than three weeks on because of a dispute over who is responsible for it