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Home insurance

  • Survey reveals that the things we're most attached to at home aren't always the most expensive

  • Twice the size of a normal rat, it terrorised the family cat.

  • An ancient church law which makes homeowners liable for repairs to the church could destroy the value of your home

  • Changes to home insurance will mean we will all pay for the cuts in flood defence

  • A resident forced to abandon his home due to the storms is in dispute with his local council after it asked him to look at arranging to stabilise crumbling cliffs near his property

  • Insurance firms will look at their use of costly telephone lines for customers calling them for help, ministers said after a flooding summit with the industry in Whitehall

  • David Cameron has insisted councils should not be charging residents in flood-hit areas for sandbags. The Prime Minister said there was no need...

  • Grants of up to £5,000 will be available to businesses and homeowners hit by flooding to better protect their properties in future

  • Flood victims in Somerset will not have to pay part of their council tax until they return to their homes, the local authority announced today

  • Health officials have urged people in flood-stricken communities to take precautions against dirty water after samples have been likened to a water cooler filled with a blend of water and two teaspoons of horse manure