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  • Sonia Zoref said she was "rescued" by the Shelter helpline when a dispute with her private landlord turned nasty

  • Homeless people are to get more help when they are discharged from hospital under new plans set out by ministers.

  • A Serbian homeless man has been discovered living in a grave in the city of Nis, according to a report in the Daily Mail.

  • Homeless people under 35 are facing a serious housing shortage this Christmas after Government benefit cuts

  • Housing charity Shelter is warning that it has seen a sharp increase in demand for help among people at risk of becoming homeless

  • Converted shipping containers could be used as temporary accommodation for homeless men and women under plans to help ease a city's housing...

  • Private investors are helping to protect vulnerable teenagers and rough sleepers under a scheme set up to tackle social problems while cutting demands on the state

  • Seventy-five thousand children will wake up homeless on Christmas Day, housing charity Shelter has warned

  • The number of homeless families forced to live in bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) has risen dramatically over the past year, according to research by...

  • Squatters will face up to six months in prison and so-called squatters' rights scrapped as it becomes a criminal offence in England and Wales