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Money saving

  • The smart meter rollout will cost every home about £215 over the next 15 years but consumers will save just 3% annually on the average energy...

  • With the cost of watching live football rising every year, one owner of a club is instead offering to pay fans to come through the...

  • Organising your finances now means you can avoid giving the taxman more than you need to.

  • Freebies from The Week, Chicago Town, Manchester United, TopCashback and Coca-Cola

  • Five of the big six energy companies will refund credit balances for gas and electricity customers paying by direct debit in credit by £5 or more

  • Consumers are being misled after research found one in five household products do not match their energy-efficiency claims, according to the Energy Saving Trust

  • An energy company has announced a 2.5% price cut for consumers, saying that the mild winter weather has meant that gas and electricity are cheaper

  • Millions of British households could save the equivalent of the cost of their gas bills from today until next winter if their homes were effectively insulated

  • Annual water and sewerage bills are to rise by an average of 2% - £8 - from April, industry body Water UK said today

  • Fines for power firms which fail to restore household electricity supplies within set times are needed to end the "complacency" bosses showed during mass black-outs over Christmas