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  • In another move to clean up its act, Ryanair has halved excess baggage costs

  • EasyJet profits are soaring, as is its share price. Ryanair, in contrast, is suffering. What’s the magic easyJet formula?

  • Flamboyant Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary is to ease stringent travelling conditions for his passengers

  • Ryanair claims it will offer flights to the US for $10 within the next four years. Is this realistic?

  • Lush, Lakeland, First Direct and John Lewis have been voted the best stores for customer service, while Ryanair, TalkTalk and Npower have been voted the worst

  • Ryanair has revealed plans to increase passenger traffic at Stansted by 50% to more than 20 million, reversing a threat to cut flights at the airport

  • Sterling soars following a wave of strong UK economic activity. Too late for many holiday makers unfortunately. How durable is the new bounce?

  • Ryanair says profits may miss targets, so prices will be more aggressive. So will we see the return of the £1 sale

  • Ryanair's 30% stake in Aer Lingus damages competition on routes between Britain and Ireland and must be cut to 5%, a regulator has ordered

  • Budget airline Ryanair is expected to face an ultimatum from the competition watchdog this week to sell all or part of its stake in Aer Lingus